Saturday, April 30, 2011


The link below shows several of the reasons we chose to adopt our son. My heart breaks for the boys that heart breaks for all the children that wait....

Dane and Daddy


Don't get me wrong, our girls are wonderful too. We have been so blessed by all of our children!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Alivia

We celebrated Livi's 4th birthday almost 2 weeks ago...we have been so incredibly busy, which is a whole other post, that I have not had a chance to post about her very special day yet.

Gosh, I can remember the day she was born like it was yesterday. It was a scary day for us, not knowing how things would turn out. We came in that morning knowing things might not be OK. We knew for weeks that things may not be OK, but I never really thought they wouldn't be. When she was born the reality hit, things were definitely not OK. The next few days were hard. My arms ached to hold her. I remember our amazing ped. doctor staying hours after his scheduled shift to stay with our girly, he promised me that he would help her, promised me he would get answers. He held true to his promises. He even came to update us in the early morning hours...he was amazing. I watched him thru the glass the one evening, he was singing to her and rubbing her head. He cared about her, he cared about us too. We are very thankful for this amazing doctor!

So, I say with much love and happiness, "Happy 4th Birthday Livi!"  We had a great day celebrating! We went to dinner at one of her favorite places, the play McDo*alds.  After dinner we had some delicious cake and ice cream.  She did get a new big girl PURPLE bike from us and some "pollys" from Alaina, David and Dane, but my camera battery was dead when I tried to take pics of her opening it them. I will take some pics of her ridding her new bike soon. But here are some of the pics I took before my battery died:

Of course the cake had to have a picture of the best kitty in the world on it!

We  had to have a wardrobe change, there were so many new dresses to wear & try on thanks to gma & gpa

A cool new pink chair from papa & nana

The CD she's always wanted -JJ Heller
Thanks gma & gpa

We ended the party with some great dancing thanks to JJ

All in  all we had a great day!
Happy birthday to the sweetest 4 year old girl I know!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

So much progress

As I promised I am updating on Dane's progress... I don't even know where to Begin, he is a totally different boy (almost) than the one we brought home from Korea almost 9 mo. ago...

Dane has changed us all so much for the better. He is the most loving little boy I have ever met. He has gone form being TERRIFIED of taking his eyes off of me/closing his eyes at bedtime to sleeping 12 hrs. a night and taking an almost 2hr. nap without a stitch of anxiety. He used to wake every 10 minutes to check to make sure we were there. He even refused to nap for months when we were first home.
 He is exploring the house and will finally play in a different room than the one I am in for about 10 minutes at a time. Whenever he leaves the room he will wave bye to me, blow me a kiss and come back again in about 10 min. and do it again - it is so stinking cute!
He has a sparkle in his eyes that we never saw before until about 2 months ago. When we first brought him home you could see the sadness and pain in his eyes - he was lifeless inside.

4 days home. He was so sad.

Now he is opinionated and rambunctious. He is a lot more confident too. He is all boy for sure! He comes to us to kiss his ouchies, calls me mama and knows I will come. He loves his daddy too!! He gives hugs freely all the time and finally WANTS us to hold him and love on him. When we brought him home, he didin't want us. He wanted his umma, the mama he had in Korea. The memories of him crying for her still rings in my is heart wrenching.  The pain he felt leaving her and being placed in the arms of complete strangers is something I will never forget. It changed me and our family. It changed him too. I am sure he sill feels pain, we just don't see it or hear it like we did.
He smiles a lot now.

Daddy's boy!

He loves his brother too. They wrestle on the floor all the time! They share a bond those two. I have said it before, but God knew David needed a brother and blessed us with Dane. Their relationship is amazing. Right now, it is as perfect as it gets with those two. I think his sisters are growing on him, If they'd just learn to stop "mothering" him I think he would enjoy their company more.


Doing what they do best...

trouble, trouble, trouble...

Brotherly Love

Dane and Livi having fun.

I want your help now Alaina!
Dane now waves at strangers instead of screaming and clinging to me. He doesn't like it if they get too close, but attachment wise that is great. Even his hand doctor commented on how much he has changed. He could see it in his personality too.
He hugged his grandma for the first time yesterday, he always turned his back to her before. Grandma was over the moon excited. She commented that she could not imagine life with out him. And we couldn't either.

Dane and Grandma
To be honest the first weeks home with him I wondered what we had done. Wondered if we had made a big mistake. Dane didn't want to be with us and I felt like we had kidnapped him or something. Those first weeks were hard, really hard. The grieving was necessary though for all of us. In away it brought us closer. Dane's anxiety is still here but not like it was. It is getting better everyday. He will probably always battle that, it may never go away.  But he is doing amazingly well. I am so very proud of him and everything he has overcome. He is a wonderful little boy and I am honored to have him as my son. He is such a blessing to our family.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Please read this...

I have been following this blog for quite sometime. This mom is very inspiring. She is on a mission now to advocate for children who hopelessly wait for families. She is now advocating for a very sweet boy with a medical condition. He is waiting for a family, he is asking everyday is someone is coming for him. I simply could not read his story without passing it on. Please read this and pass on if you feel the need to, it is the April 6th post. And if you pray, please pray for this boy...

ETA: I just wanted to add that I am not asking anyone to donate, I just want to spread the word and advocate for this boy.
"Fear not for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you... For I am the Lord your God..
~Isiah 43:1-3