Monday, February 7, 2011

cancer, consults and surgery

Well, my mom got the news a week or so ago, they found more cancer. This time on her ear. Thankfully it is a non-aggressive cancer and usually does not spread to other areas of her body, but it will do a lot of damage to her ear if not treated.  It was a bit shocking, but at the same time it wasn't. She has an appt. soon to figure out the treatment plan. We continue to pray and trust that God is in control of this situation.

We had Dane's consult for his hands several months ago now and I keep forgetting to post about it. Surgery is planed for this summer. Ugh, yes summer. The doc was pretty adamant that he had the rest of his life to swim and enjoy summer. I am still not sure how we are going to do this. How in the world am I going to keep a 2 year old inside, clean and dry during the summer?!  Not to mention not being able to go to the beach! I am going to see if the doc will at least agree to do it late summer. The plan is to do each hand separate, allowing 4-6 (that's all summer, 4-6 weeks) weeks healing before doing the opposite hand. We have an appointment in April for more x-rays and things. I know all this is worth it but summer, really??

Last thing, we discovered Dane has a little medical issue not related to his hands that requires some out-patient surgery. The issue is minor, but if left untreated will become a major issue as he gets older. I am so thankful for my mommy instinct and for a doc that listened to my concerns. Surgery is scheduled for the end of this month and will take about an hour. Surgery and recovery should not be too painful (or so I am told) and he will be fully recovered in 4-6 weeks. Thankfully I do not have to try to keep his activity level down that whole time, only the first week.

I am really looking forward to spring. I enjoy a few winter activities but I have had enough of the cold and snow now.  I am hoping February ends quickly and that March brings us better news and warmer weather. A girl can hope for warmer weather in March, right?!

Here is to warmer weather and sunshine :)!!

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~Isiah 43:1-3