Tuesday, February 14, 2012

EP Prayers

For those of you that pray, I am asking for your prayers on behalf  of several of my friends.

We have several friends and know of many more families that are in the process of adopting children from Korea. With out going into all the details and all the red tape, I will try to make it simple.  The Korean Government has made some changes and is in the middle of making changes in their adoption process.
Right now, several families are at the tail end of their adoption, or so they thought. They are just waiting on the Korean Gvmt to issue their children exit permits, which is basically permission to leave Korea, also known as an EP. For some reason the Korean Gvmt has stopped issuing EP's until further notice, which is leaving several families in a horrible place. I cannot even imagine how they are feeling. Some have waited over a year to bring their babies home with no end in sight. The waiting is pure torture. Watching their children grow up in pictures is no fun at all. Waking up every day wondering if this will be the day is gut wrenching. Some are beginning to wonder if their children are even coming home at all. And that is the worst fear of all.

It also poses other problems: They are running out of Foster Families and the Reception Center (orphanage) is running out of room. With children being in care longer, they are running out of clothing and basic necessities for these sweet children. And they are now having to turn birth mothers away....oh how our God in heaven must weep. I have not checked in awhile but when we traveled for Dane almost a year and a half ago, the abortion rate was between 94-96 %. I wonder if it will climb even higher since the birth mothers have no where to go.

Please pray for my friends and the many other families caught up in this EP mess. Pray that they will feel overwhelming peace.  Pray that they will feel the comfort they need.  Pray that their minds will somehow be at ease.  Pray the sick feelings they feel will go away. Pray for the Korean Gvmt too. Pray they will make the best decisions possible keeping the children's best interest in mind. Pray that the children that are matched and have families will be issued an EP soon, very, very, soon. Pray for these sweet babies that  are a half a world away...

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